Step 1: Know Your Responsibilities

OK, so you’ve put together a project team to start developing your Safety Management Systems.  Have you enrolled anyone in advanced Health and Safety training, covering things like Rights and Responsibilities under the OHS Act, Implementing OH&S Management Systems and Hazard Analysis?  If not, now is a great time.  You can contact your local Safety Association like, IHSA (Infrastructure Health & Safety Association),  PSHSA (Public Services Health & Safety Association), WSPS (Workplace Safety & Prevention Services) & WSN (Workplace Safety North) or check out links on the Ontario Health and Safety Partners Website for more resources:

The CSA (Canadian Standards Association) also provides industry leading training resources on topics that may be useful during early stages of your SMS development.

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Local training providers are a great resource for many hazard specific topics. We will touch on those resources a little later in this blog series.

Once you have planned your first meeting with the SMS Project Team, you can start to outline responsibilities of the owners, management/supervisors, workers, visitors and contractors.  Use these results to prepare a simple but clear Corporate Safety Policy Statement.

Now on to Step 2!