I am a husband and father of 6 kids.  Born in Newfoundland,  and have lived in southern Ontario for over 35 years.  I love to travel and experiment with food, (cooking and eating).  I am a connoisseur of fine and not so fine wines and ales.


Passionate Business Coach and Occupational Health and Safety Professional. Founder and President of Workplace Safety Revolution, where for the next several years I hope to bring new, innovative ideas and tools to various industries that will have a long lasting positive impact on workplace safety across Canada.
Designing, Implementing and Managing Corporate Safety and Internal Responsibility Systems.  Extensive experience with hazard identification and control development with strong emphasis on workplace specific safety training.  Corporate trainer on topics covering everything from Accident Investigation to Confined Space Entry.  Developing in depth and innovative procurement practices focused on improving subcontractor management logistics, compliance metrics and project inefficiencies.  Providing practical, industry leading safety solutions for a wide variety of hazardous environments and business types.


Committing businesses and their people to develop stronger, more defined safety leadership skills.  We constantly advocate for worker engagement throughout hazard identification/assesment, control and management processes. My company strives to build workplace specific safety solutions that are effective, efficient and easy to implement.


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