Are you prepared to defend a workplace accident in court?

It may be hard to believe, but many companies in Canada still fuel their Safety Programs on hope and avoidance.  I don’t have to tell you how dangerous and misguided this approach is for workers and businesses in any industry.  The simple fact is safety evolution is inevitable in today’s economy for all businesses.

What many employers and supervisors are having to take a hard look in recent months, especially when putting together project bids and pre-qualification packages, is corporate and individual accountability.  If things go wrong in the “safety” department and someone is injured, do they have the measures in place to protect their liability and avoid loosing future business, paying fines and facing possible jail time resulting from criminal prosecution for negligence.

If one of your employees gets hurt at work today can you provide the Ministry Of Labour with the following?

1. Evidence that the job site hazards were communicated and understood.

2. Evidence that training was appropriate and consistent with a documented hazard analysis.

3. Evidence that your supervisors vetted safety training by documenting random inspections and interviews with workers while on the job. (aka “safety observations”)

4. Evidence that all supervisors are “qualified and competent”, and that they have advanced training in Hazard Analysis, Accident Investigations, Emergency Preparedness, and performing Worker Orientations.
If you are unsure whether you or your workers are adequately protected, you may need a…


Doug Crann, Founder and President
Workplace Safety Revolution


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