Blog Series: Does your Company need a Workplace Safety Revolution? Intro Article

A very wise and famous movie star once said; “Do or do not…, there is no try…” This simple quote from the Jedi master himself spells out, in very simple terms the most effective way to impact injury prevention in every business. Unfortunately most businesses are so focused on “TRYING” to be safe, they haven’t even considered looking into what’s involved in “DOING” things safely.

Fact: Many companies assume they are safe employers as long as they conduct some type of regular safety training.

Fact: Most employers that provide safety training for their workers have not performed a proper hazard analysis prior to conducting safety training.

Fact: Many employers do not realize the safety training and cut & paste safety programs they are relying on to protect their company and personal liability will not provide a sufficient due diligence defense if someone gets critically injured.

At least they are trying…right? Well, trying hasn’t made quite the impact that we hoped on injury statistics over the past decade. Just ask the over 900 families of victims of Canadian workplace fatalities annually, still looking for answers to the question why?

[rev-uh-loo-shuhn]: a far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas, methods,etc

Real workplace hazards need to be dealt with on a case by case basis with real solutions based on evidence. A systematic approach to developing accident prevention for all businesses will save companies time, money and in the long run help avoid costly litigation in the event something goes wrong. We are seeing more organizations adopt the Plan Do Check Act philosophy, but for the most part these businesses have full time Risk Management departments or experienced safety professionals watching the front lines of their accident prevention initiatives. Most small to medium sized business can’t afford a full time safety professional let alone a Risk Management department and instead, are lead by business professionals who are experts at their trade or in business profits, not loss prevention. These businesses need to start a Workplace Safety Revolution where workers and managers join forces to stop trying and start doing what is required to protect lives.

This blog series will ask the questions that will help all businesses identify the gaps in their accident prevention initiatives. From training and policies to supervision and emergency preparedness, I hope to provide clear direction on what to do next in order to develop and manage a comprehensive Safety Management System and help your business adopt an Internal Responsibility System that will help protect your employees and your business from loss and unnecessary suffering.

Doug Crann, Founder

Workplace Safety Revolution


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