10 Steps to Safety

Building a business case for safety isn’t easy, it takes a great deal of commitment, strong leadership and clear vision… did I mention a financial investment?  Fortunately, in today’s internet driven safety community, many employers don’t need to re-invent the wheel to demonstrate emergency preparedness or due diligence.  In many cases, trade associations, government agencies, safety groups or like-minded businesses have published the framework for generating Injury Prevention and Employee Protection systems.  A properly implemented Safety Management System shouldn’t cost a lot of money.  There is going to be an investment in time to get things moving forward but with the right project team in place, the steps required to develop, implement and maintain your SMS are within reach for every employer.

I created WORKPLACE SAFETY REVOLUTION as a means to encourage employers to Inform, Protect and Motivate employees not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes good business sense.  Building better leadership in your business from the worker level to senior management will help strengthen the vision that your business needs to grow confidently and safety into the next decade.  No one wants to hire a contractor that doesn’t protect their workers… No customer wants to buy products from a manufacturer that is known for their poor safety record.  No employer wants to make the call to a worker’s family to let them know about a workplace fatality.  Accident details and injury statistics are more readily available than ever on the internet.  Don’t let your business create an accident statistic… Join the Workplace Safety Revolution and create a safer workplace for everyone.  The key ingredients will be presented in the following posts:


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